Success in 2011For the past few weeks I’ve seen many campaigns offering a sneak peak to their Black Friday specials. Black Friday is traditionally the start of the holiday shopping season signaling when retail stores profits for the year are in the black. Many families make shopping on this day an annual tradition and hit the stores early – sometimes too early for my taste after a long holiday weekend. It seems like the buzz, crowds and holiday sales create a virtuous circle of holiday spending. It made me think, ‘What’s the Black Friday for Home Building?’

Someone told me it was the day after the Super Bowl when wives can drag their husbands off the couch to visit communities. But from the trends I’ve seen, I’d think Black Friday for builders would be Dec. 26th, the day after Christmas.

It’s no surprise that home sales and home shopping dip in the fall, but I don’t think most builders take full advantage of the inevitable rebound that follows. On, year after year, we see a resounding bounce in traffic immediately following the holiday craze. It’s as if people say, ‘The Holidays are over! Now, we can shop for that home we’ve been dreaming of in 2011.’

Now is a great time for builders to get in front of these early-bird home shoppers as they jump-start their buying process. However, some builders don’t begin aggressively marketing until into the spring when traffic and interest is at its highest. To me, that’s like buying a stock after you’ve seen the rally, instead of when it’s poised for growth. The key to a great 2011? Start in 2010!

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