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HDC Vert 4c RGBWe are happy to announce that now your BDX new home listings are featured on the number four real estate website, Homes.com. This is an exciting opportunity for our home builders to reach the widest possible audience and with 90% of Homes.com visitors actively searching for their next new home, this is great added exposure. Homes.com is already a trusted online home search website with 13.2 million unique visitors each month.

Benefits include:

  • Placement in a dedicated new homes section on Homes.com.
  • New home plans are also featured within the main search results page alongside resale homes.
  • You will receive direct leads from your listings on Homes.com as well as reporting through the BDX client portal, BDXLive, on search views, detail page views, driving direction views, and click-thrus to your website.

BDX’s vice president and general manager, Peter Brumme, says that “We know that 56 percent of homebuyers go into a home search considering new construction, and now through our relationship with Homes.com, homebuyers have access to additional new home content in their search for available home options in their area.”

What do you need to do?

If you are already listing all of your communities through BDX, your listings information will automatically be distributed to Homes.com and displayed on the site at no additional charge. Be sure to take advantage of the leads and traffic that will be generated by this exciting development!

Haven’t listed your new home communities with the BDX yet? Now is the time to do so! Increase your visibility, traffic and sales with one simple decision. Contact us today at info@thebdx.com to learn more about the benefit of listing your communities with BDX

As technology continues to play a bigger and bigger role in the home shopping and sales process, it is important to have tools that allow home building sales professionals to showcase and sell new homes outside of the sales center.  Giving your sales team additional resources at their fingertips makes for a better home shopping experience and eliminates the awkward, “I’ll have to check on that when I get back to the sales center” conversation.

BDX’s salesArchitect iPad application is a portable solution that allows sales professionals to present builder and community marketing information while utilizing interactive maps and site plans to visually explore community inventory.  Showcase your community details with a presentation gallery, list of plans and/or specs that are available as well as videos.  Not sure if the lot your customer is interested in is still available or allows for the floor plan they like? No problem. By using the interactive site plan with lot status feature, lot information is updated in real time.  Clients can also browse interior images as well as use interactive floor plans to dynamically explore your homes.

If you are already listing your homes and communities with BDX, synchronization to the iPad is simple. All data is managed through our web based administration console, BDXLive, and any updates or changes made to lots, floor plans, images or videos will display on your online listings and iPad application.

This technology will keep your buyers engaged during the sales process with features specifically designed for them.  Customers have the ability to personalize their shopping experience by adding plans, notes and photos to “favorites” as well as receive personalized brochures via email after their meeting.  This will keep your homes at the top of their mind even after they leave.  All guest data can be exported from the application and imported into your CRM system so you can continue to nurture the relationship throughout the sales cycle.

The salesArchitect iPad application allows you to:

  • Display multiple communities and synchronize across devices;
  • Showcase community details by listing plans and specs and display images and videos in a presentation gallery;
  • Visually highlight the details of each plan through elevations, interior and floor plan images and interactive floor plans;
  • Personalize the shopping experience for buyers by adding plans and photos to “favorites” as well as the ability to send personalized e-brochures as a follow up to their meeting;
  • Update listings and images automatically via BDXLive.

SalesArchitect is both a customized solution and the premier sales product to showcase your brand and communities to on-the-go homebuyers.  To learn more about taking your sales pitch to the next level, contact us at info@theBDX.com.


Over the past two years, Builders Digital Experience has conducted extensive home shopper research in conjunction with our Start Fresh. Buy New. initiative to help builders understand what motivates, inspires and leads shoppers to take action.  This year, we expanded our study to not only include shoppers, but also consumers who bought a home in 2013, to learn about their buying and/or shopping process and what they think about new construction vs. resale.

Prospective Home Shoppers

53% of shoppers are considering new construction over resale as they begin their home search. This number has increased by 3% over the past year. To put this into perspective, if just 3% of these people bought a new truly home, it would mean 126,277 new homes across the country and $30 billion worth of business for builders.  What a tremendous opportunity for the home building industry!

Increases in income, favorable home prices and simply being tired of their current home all play large roles in triggering the home shopping process.  But don’t think that the process will be a short one.  We’ve found again that the buying cycle is getting longer. More than two-thirds of shoppers plan to take 9 months or more before making a purchase decision. This makes lead nurturing critical to your marketing efforts so be sure to consider a steady stream of communications to send to your prospects.

What are these shoppers looking for in a home?  Quality construction, safer neighborhoods, better floor plans and lower maintenance costs are top purchase considerations so be sure to emphasize these features in your marketing materials.  Consider removing rooms people don’t use from your floor plans and add that space into places where they spend the most time, such as a separate media room or into a larger master suite or closet.

Real Estate Agents

You may be surprised that 48% of agents across the country prefer selling “New” homes but often feel it is hard to learn about new properties, inventories and promotions.  Agents crave information, and before they bring a buyer to your community, they want to understand your commission policy.  Publish your policy on both your website and your listings, and when possible, make sure you include buyer registration guidelines and standard commission percentages.

By keeping your listings up to date with this information, an agent is more informed and knows what to expect when working with you.  This transparency will both endear you to agents in your market and get their buyers into your sales office.

Recent Home Buyers

We are losing 34% of shoppers who actually prefer new construction to resale.  We call this group the “lost shoppers”. Why is this happening? We all know all of the benefits a new home provides versus a resale.  But some consumers have concerns and doubts about quality of construction, neighborhood safety and the price tag of the home.  A house is the biggest purchase a person will ever make and they want to be confident in the decision they have made for years to come.  Alleviate their doubts by highlighting building certifications and standards you build to (i.e. LEED, Energy Star, local building requirements) as well as nationally recognized professional designations you have and professional associations your belong to.

Include a Quality Built section on your website that explains your company’s beliefs in building a quality product, warranties you provide, safety features and product lines that are used in your homes.  A Frequently Asked Questions document explaining the building process, what to expect and local statutory requirements will help educate shoppers and build trust with you and your company.  Also, reiterate the low costs of living and hassle free lifestyle that comes with a new home.

Over two-thirds of these “lost shoppers” say that the national real estate sites were their most trusted resources for finding a home but local sites also play a huge role.  So if you want to convince this group of shoppers to buy new, advertise where they spend time…on real estate sites such as New Home Source, Move New Homes and realtor.com®, to name a few!

We found that buyers also relied heavily on real estate agents with 86% of ALL recent buyers using one.  One thing “lost shoppers” have in common is that 91% of them used an agent.  Knowing this, it is important to build strong relationships with your local agents as it will help you convert “new preferers” to “new buyers”.

These insights are just the tip of the iceberg. We have a full suite of research resources and tools that are available for our clients and are happy to talk with any builder about how this information can shape your business. For more information, contact BDX at Info@theBDX.com.