WebWe are excited to announce that New Home Source TV is now airing in Austin, Dallas and Raleigh!  New Home Source TV presents a fresh show & tell-style take on the traditional real estate shows you may be used to. Each week, host and Certified Home Inspector, Brett Tutor will take viewers on a behind the scenes tour of several beautiful newly-built homes from the hottest new communities in these areas as well as highlight design trends, green features and neighborhood amenities.

You may not know how desirable new construction is amongst home shoppers in these markets. In fact, more than 50% are considering “new” as they begin the shopping process!  What a tremendous opportunity to reach these home shoppers on a weekly basis and showcase the benefits of modern construction techniques and lower cost of living that comes with owning a truly new home.

If you are in the Austin metro area, tune in to FOX (channel 7) every Sunday at 9 a.m.  New Home Source TV will air in Dallas every Sunday on to CBS (channel 11) at 10:30 a.m. and at 11:00 a.m. in Raleigh on NBC (WCNC Channel 17).  Visit www.NewHomeSource.TV to see the beautiful communities that are featured on the program.

Want to learn more?  Watch the video below to get a preview of New Home Source TV.

Lights, camera, ACTION! Interested in being on future episodes of the show or want to know when it’s coming to an area near you? Contact us to put the spotlight on your homes!

Look out Washington D.C., NewHomeSource TV is coming to a television near you!  If you are in the nation’s Capitol, tune in weekends this spring and see some of the best truly new homes the city has to offer.  The show will air Sundays at 11 a.m. EST March 16 – June 8 WUSA (CBS, Channel 9).

NewHomeSource TV, the companion television program to the leading new home website NewHomeSource.com, provides a glimpse of the latest floor plans, design trends, green features and neighborhood amenities from the new home builders in the Washington D.C. area.  Architects, designers, contractors and other experts will also contribute to the show by highlighting the more subtle benefits of today’s new homes, such as modern construction techniques and the lower cost of living that comes with owning a truly new home.

“We are excited to work with so many terrific local builders and product suppliers to bring NewHomeSource TV to Washington D.C.,” said Tim Costello, chief executive officer at BDX. “We know that over 50 percent of home buyers are considering new homes as they begin the home shopping process[i], this show will help shine the spotlight on new home advantages.”

In addition to the weekly broadcast on a local network, the show will also be distributed online and be available for viewing on NewHomeSource.com.

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A first of its kind campaign in the home building industry, “Start Fresh. Buy New.” was launched in the spring of 2013 and already thousands of home shoppers each day are responding positively to the advertising and are engaging with the interactive website, StartFreshBuyNew.com. The campaign highlights the numerous advantages of buying a new construction vs. a “used” (i.e. existing) home. StartFreshBuyNew.com includes educational facts, useful features such as a Cost Savings Calculator as well as intriguing diagrams on how energy efficient appliances and features operate. BDX is promoting the site through over 37 million advertisement impressions each week and reaching nearly 50% of new home shoppers. With over 50,000 weekly visits to the “Start Fresh. Buy New.” website, potential home buyers are now equipped with the knowledge of what attributes really make a new home more desirable than a used one. (Click here for more background information about the new campaign.)

While the site is informative and has already been nominated for design awards, “Start Fresh. Buy New.” also boasts some impressive results which prove visitor interest in new homes. The campaign is driving over 10,000 visits per month to NewHomeSource.com, a site that connects new home buyers with builders. In fact, new home searchers who spend time on the “Start Fresh. Buy New.” site are converting to leads on NewHomeSource.com at a rate of 40% higher than the site’s average visitor. With research predicting the demand for new homes to grow to nearly 1.2 million each year, the market is clearly rebounding and will benefit from this focus on new home buyer education.

“Start Fresh. Buy New” has also connected with Pinterest users to drive awareness of the perks of owning a new home. Pinterest users had the opportunity to win a grand prize by creating a board of their favorite pins from NewHomeSource.com as well as answering a few trivia questions. With nearly 4,000 followers of NewHomeSource.com on Pinterest, the sweepstakes was a hit with over 2,300 Pinboards created to promote new homes. In fact, just last week the grand prize of $10,000 was awarded to a young mother in Chicago, Illinois. (See the “Start Fresh. Buy New.” Facebook page for more on the story.)

The “Start Fresh. Buy New.” Pinterest page isn’t the only social media site getting attention from buyers either. The campaign’s Facebook page and Twitter account have also grown into platforms for buyers to connect with builder professionals and other buyers to speak about their experiences with their own new homes. (Wanna get social with “Start Fresh. Buy New.”? Follow our Twitter account for daily new home buying tips and inspirational home designs.)

The campaign has also gained national coverage and attention from over 360 publications including spotlights in The New York Times, The Austin Business Journal, The Financial Times and Builder Online.

 So what’s next? Following the success of our previous study last summer, we are currently gearing up to start our annual Home Buyer Insight Study which is going to expand beyond our original 25 markets. This year we will add Portland, Sacramento, Salt Lake City, Indianapolis, Columbus and San Francisco to the study. So stay tuned! We will keep you posted on the results of this research and the progress of the campaign.

If you are a builder and want to get involved in the campaign, we have created a Builder Toolkit exclusively for BDX clients to leverage the campaign marketing resources and research. This toolkit can be found within BDXLive, our client portal. If you’re not a BDX client and are interested in finding out how we can help your business succeed, email us to learn more.